Auditor Supervision On Implementation Of Projects

Auditor supervision on implementation of projects provides:

  • -transparency of participants,
  • -efficency – compliance of the project to the purposes and interests of its participants,
  • -prevention of risks

As a rule, rendering services in supervision includes three blocks: technical supervision, legal examination, financial supervision.

The circle of the questions considered at implementation of supervision includes:

  • -finance – sources, structure of joint financing, the analysis of the reasons of deviations,
  • -compliance of technical solutions to the approved projects, standard requirements,
  • -registration of legal documents, protection of interests, allowing documentation,
  • -completeness and correctness of budget calculations, expediency and economic validity of expenses,
  • -сobservance of terms of implementation of the project, control of observance of terms of coordination, deliveries, performance of work, registration of documentation,
  • -compliance of the actual indicators planned, reasons of deviations, risks,
  • -control of the account and reporting, check of compliance to registers of accounting.

Investors and participants of projects are interested in that on initial stages of preparation and implementation of investment projects to put regular supervision of implementation of the project by the independent competent auditor as thus violations can be prevented and risks are reduced, including:

  • -formation of the overestimated requirements to technical and economic parameters of the project,
  • -the overestimated estimates, unreasonable expenses, imitation of competitive procedures,
  • -technical, mistakes in design decisions and financial and economic calculations,
  • -non-execution of procedures of coordination and the statement, obtaining significant remarks the otkontrolnykh and the coordinating bodies,
  • -non-compliance with technical and financial parameters of the project, not compliance of the actual execution to planned indicators,
  • -risks of failure of implementation of the project on quality, terms, insufficiency of financing, excess of estimates and planned indicators on expenses.

We render services in supervision over implementation of investment projects for the Russian and foreign clients according to individual specifications. In the demanded cases or in coordination when rendering services we provide compliance to requirements to normative documents, among which:

  • -The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 22, 1997 No. 1470 "About the statement of the Order of granting the state guarantees on a competitive basis at the expense of the budget of development of the Russian Federation and the Provision on an assessment of efficiency of investment projects at placement on a competitive basis of the centralized investment resources of the budget of development of the Russian Federation" (business plan)",
  • -Methodical recommendations about an assessment of efficiency of investment projects (NBK 477) (development of design materials are approved by the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the State committee Russian Federation on construction, architectural and housing policy of 21.06.1999),
  • -The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 18, 2009 No. 427 "About an order of carrying out a proverkidostovernost of definition of estimated cost of objects of a kapitalnogostroitelstvo which construction is financed with attraction of financial resources of the federal budget",
  • -The order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of February 24, 2009 N 58 "About the statement of a technique of an otsenkieffektivnost of use of the funds of the federal budget allocated nakapitalny investments".